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Nestled in the leafy Northern Suburbs of Blairgowrie, we offer an exclusive experience to help you achieve your health, fitness and strength goals. From personal training, to classes in jiu-jitsu, boxing and pole sport to name a just a few - we are excited to introduce you to an exciting world of personal mastery through the art of movement.

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We offer a free trial on most of our classes. You can also try a one of personal training session to see if its the right fit for you. Contact us below, and come and join us for one of our amazing sessions.

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Ren and Daniella our resident personal trainers will inspire you to get into the best shape of your life. Focusing on a fusion of weight training and body weight exercises, combined with an expert understanding of physical and nutritional performance - they bring a focus to personal fitness training that will impact every important aspect of your lifestyle.


A combination of self-defense and mind, body, spirit training - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has been said to change people's lives on and off the mat. No wonder superstars such as Demi Lavato, Ashton Kutcher and many others choose jiu-jitsu to supercharge not only their life, but accelerate their personal mastery. Speak to Jacques for private lessons.


A fusion of self-protection training, with the development of kickboxing skills, along with fitness and strength training. CMD Kickboxing was developed in South Africa, and now spans the globe. Train at the HQ where it all started. Speak to Jeandre’ for private lessons.


Our most popular class at the studio. We focus on helping children develop inner confidence, laser like focus, while giving them the tools to be more mindful in their everyday life. Not to mention important self-defense skills. Classes for 6 to 15yr olds.


Combining the best of Pilates, along with other movement disciplines, this class is designed to help you engage with the world without fear. No matter if you want to improve your core for the sports you play, or simply picking up the groceries to put in to your boot without pulling your back out, this is the class for you. This is also a great class for people who need to rehabilitate from injuries and strengthen their core.


Most people don't know that the root cause of most of our everyday aches and pains is due to our inflexibility. This class will help you stretch and become flexible. Most students who attend this class have seen a marked improvement in their overall health, finding themselves moving, twisting, and picking up objects with less pain. Advanced and beginner classes available.


Pole sports merges dance and acrobatics on a vertical metal pole. A fun filled full body workout that requires strength, agility, balance, endurance and flexibility.

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Our Philosophy

We have created a challenge play environment, where each person is encouraged to measure themselves against their own personal best. Our studio is free from hyper-competitiveness and ego. Everyone is welcome!

The Hardest Part of Starting: Is 'Starting'

The know that when it comes to starting something new, the hardest part of starting is starting. We make it easy for you. Fill in the form, and we will guide you through the process of getting started today.

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