Pole Physiques Blairgowrie

Pole Physiques Blairgowrie Branch is based at Shugyo-fit. Pole fitness is a progressive form of exercise best described as a blend of ballet and gymnastics with a stationary or spinning pole as a vertical apparatus.

Pole Fitness

Combining ballet and gymnastics to get you stronger, more flexible and in incredible shape.

Pole Art

Exploring the interpretive, creative, themed and theatrical of pole.

Pole Sports

Focuses on the technical pole movements, with a detailed and set scoring system such as with gymnastics.



World Class Instruction

Our very own Daniella Baker has competed in the National Pole Sports Championships and achieved 1st place for Artistic Pole, in the senior women's division. She also qualified and competed in the 2019 World Championships held in Canada and is currently ranked no.7 in the world.