Pilates & Flexibility

In today's time most of us suffer from pain due to long hours of sitting in office chairs, traffic and other means of travel. Whether you are an athlete or everyday hobbyist our pilates and flexibility classes will help you build a strong core, correct muscle imbalances, improve posture, prevent injuries and benefit you overall mobility.

Fushion Pilates Class

With our instructor Louise King combining the best of Pilates, along with other movement disciplines, this class is designed to help you engage with the world without fear. No matter if you want to improve your core for the sports you play, or simply picking up the groceries to put in to your boot without pulling your back out, this is the class for you. This is also a great class for people who need to rehabilitate from injuries and strengthen their core.

Stretch Class

Most people don't know that the root cause of most of our everyday aches and pains is due to our inflexibility. This class will help you stretch and become flexible. Most students who attend this class have seen a marked improvement in their overall health, finding themselves moving, twisting, and picking up objects with less pain. Advanced and beginner classes available.