Our Team

Daniella Baker

After matriculating from the National school of the Arts, Daniella had a 3 year career as a professional ballerina with the South African Ballet Company. When her professional ballet career ended, she decided to qualify as a Cechetti ballet teacher while studying to become a fitness professional at the Health and Fitness Professionals’ Association, qualifying with a diploma in Exercise Science with various specialities such as pre-natal and post-natal training, kettle bell training, sports conditioning, pilates and more.

Daniella is a competitive Pole Sports athlete, taking part in World Championships as well as many local competitions. You can join any of her group classes or book a private lesson in stretching, personal training, sports conditioning or Pole Sports.

Ren Van Der Ryst

Growing up Ren was athletic and a promising golf player. After injuring his back in a motorcycle accident he had to give up his golfing aspirations and decided to pursue a career in physical fitness. Ren is one of Shugyo-fit’s most experienced personal trainers . He has a diploma in exercise science from HFPA and is a certified kettle bells and TRX trainer.

Ren has thirteen years experience as a personal trainer. This along with his qualifications gives him a depth of knowledge that is essential to designing an individualized program for you.

Louise Te Riele

Louise has a passion for empowering people by helping them get healthier and stronger in order to function better in their every day lives.
She holds a BA degree in education and was a professional dancer with the “Moving into dance “ company which lay the foundation and passion for both teaching and creative movement.

She is also a Basi Pilates Mat qualified instructor and has completed the level 1 teachers training qualification for pole sport and she is in the process of completing level two. This all enables her to teach her clients to get fitter and stronger.

Jeandre Joubert

Jeandre has been involved in training and teaching various martial arts over the past 8 years. He is currently a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu under Rodney King and the lead Crazy Monkey Defense Boxing and Kickboxing Instructor at Shugyo-Fit.

He teaches CMD Boxing group classes, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Beginner Classes and is also our Kids and Teen class instructor. He has a deep passion for movement, martial arts, and connecting with people from all walks of life. You can book a private or join any of his classes.

Jean-Charles Irie

Irie was born in the Ivory Coast Abidjan which is a French speaking country therefore bilingual. After finishing school he began his professional soccer career which brought him to South Africa. However, his career was abruptly finished due to a severe knee injury.He then decided to peruse a coaching career while working part time at Planet Fitness. Irie still coaches soccer at Saint Stithian’s College as well as at Old parks soccer club.

Irie is head of maintenance at Shugyo-fit, trains every day and would like to grow in his soccer coaching career. We are saving up to pay for him to do a course with tri-focus in soccer coaching.

Dalan Holton

Dalan started his martial arts journey in the early 2000's when he met Rodney King and trained at the infamous Street Tough Gym. He restarted his martial arts journey in 2010 and has been training under both Nuno De Gauveia and Rodney King ever since.

He is currently a brown belt in Bazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Rodney and the instructor for the our BJJ Advanced and Submission Wrestling Classes.