Why Choose CMD?

Crazy Monkey Defense (CMD) is the ‘thinking man’s modern martial arts experience. If you want to engage your valuable time in a martial arts experience that is more than simply about learning how to fight — then CMD is for you. We offer a modern martial arts experience that will enable you to purposefully show up with clarity, poise and equanimity. Embrace the mat, prepare for the street, and right hook life!


Testing grounds to experiment and build a combat athletic base and develop your full physical and mental potential.


Honing your skills to functionally deal with interpersonal violence and safely navigate self preservation situations.


Empower yourself to apply the lessons learned on the mat to the martial arts of every day life!

beginner class - CORE 16

All new members to the Crazy Monkey Defense Program begin their journey here. CORE16 is Crazy Monkey’s formative training course taught to all new students to the program. Spanning 16 weeks, the CORE16 covers the foundation of building a Combat Athletic game that transcends to self-preservation.

Advanced Class - Path to Golden Gloves

In these classes we will take your striking skills to the next level through our progressive CMD glove rank system that spans from white to golden gloves. These classes focus on further developing your own combat athletic sparring game through strategies and tactics. This class is only available to trainees who have completed the CORE16.


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